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Generated Narrative with Details

id: simpleorder

identifier: Order10284

status: active

category: Central Stock Resupply (Details : {[not stated] code 'central' = 'central', given as 'Central Stock Resupply'})

priority: asap

item: Blood collect tubes blue cap (Details : {[not stated] code 'BlueTubes' = 'BlueTubes', given as 'Blood collect tubes blue cap'})

quantity: 10

occurrence: 31/12/2016

authoredOn: 31/12/2016

requester: Henry Seven

supplier: Vendor1

reasonCode: Refill due to low stock (Details : {[not stated] code 'stock_low' = 'stock_low', given as 'Refill due to low stock'})

deliverFrom: Location 1

deliverTo: GoodHealth Clinic Receiving